What is Big Bazaar Public Holiday Sale 2023?

As May 1st approaches us, people are asking when is Big Bazaar Public Holiday Sale 2023 starts. Today we share & answer all your query related to the Public Holiday sale of Big Bazaar 2023.

What is Big Bazaar Public Holiday Sale?

Well if you have ever done shopping in big bazaar stores, so you must know about the Public Holiday Sale. If now then don’t worry we share the complete information for your reference here. Big Bazaar always celebrated & started Big Shopping events during the Public holidays, be it the 15th of August, 26th of January, or Diwali season.

For the 1st of May during Labour Day, they call in Public Holiday Sale. So now you know what is the Public Holiday sale. To leverage the holiday they started it after the successfully organizing Sabse Saste Dine & Maha Bachat Event.

Why It’s Called Public Holiday Sale?

Well, officially they have given names to every occasion or Holiday season. Big Bazaar celebrates & advertises the same during the 1st May sale event. If you are now aware of the sabse saste din or Mahabacht event below is the table for your easy understanding.

Holiday Big Bazaar Event Name
26th January Sabse Saste Din
1st May Public Holiday Sale
15th August Mah Bachat Sale
Diwali Festive Sale
Christmas & New YearYear End Sale

When Big Bazaar Public Holiday Sale 2023 Start?

Well if you are seeking information about when the Public Holiday sale starts for 2023, then you may be disappointed as Big Bazaar stores are closed. So officially Big Bazaar is not celebrating the sale in 2023 for 1st May.

But unofficially & Technically Reliance Retail Smart Bazaar stores are celebrating the Public Holiday Sale 2023.

As you are aware that all the big bazaar stores are closed & now Smart Bazaar stores are operational from those locations. All the Reliance Smart Bazaar stores are celebrating the Public Holiday sale this year.

What is Smart Bazaar Public Holiday Sale 2023?

If you visit the Smart Bazaar Facebook page, they have introduced the Public Holiday sale from that page. Below is the screenshot from the Facebook page for your reference.

Smart Bazaar Facebook Page Announce Public Holiday Sale Screen-shot

Not only the Facebook page, but they have also published a new video on the Youtube channel as well. Below is the video embedded for your reference.

Dates of Smart Bazaar Public Holiday Sale 2023?

Below are the details of the Smart Bazaar sale during the 1st May holiday season. The sale offers start on 29th April, Saturday & ends on 3rd May, Wednesday 2023.

Public Holiday Sale DatesDetails
Sale Starts 29th April 2023
Ends at3rd April 2023
Applicable StoresSmart Bazaar, Smart Stores & Smart Point
Valid for Online ShoppingYes

What are the Offers & Discounts?

Well as they have not shared any details about the offers & discounts yet. Once they share we will update the complete details here.


What is Big Bazaar Public Holiday Sale 2023?

Officially Big Bazaar stores are closed, But Smart Bazaar stores are celebrating the Public Holiday Sale 2023 this year.

Is Smart Bazaar & Big Bazaar Public Holiday offers are same?

Most of the offers remain the same, but Reliance Retail’s Smart Bazaar offers Sugar at 9 Rs Per Kg offer & Cashback offers additionally.

Conclusion: Finally Reliance Smart Bazaar Public Holiday Sale is starting on 29th April 2023. So if you are waiting for the Big Bazaar Sale on the 1st of May, you can do the shopping from the Reliance Smart Bazaar Stores.

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