Why BigBazaar.com Website Not Working?

In recent times the BigBazaar.com website of Big Bazaar is not working. A lot of customers are complaining about the website. Today we share the complete details about why Big bazaar.com not working.

Bigbazaar.com website not working

As you can see in the above screenshot, www.Bigbazaar.com is showing an error. The error is displayed as; This site can’t be reached. As the official website is down people want to know the details about why the website is down.

Let’s check the domain details for the Big Bazaar website.

BigBazaar.com Domain details

As you can see in the below image; the domain name (Bigbazaar.com) is registered & still active, but not show any content.

As we checked the whois details about the domain name. While checking the details have found below details about the domain.

Big BazaarWebsite Details
Domain NameBigbazaar.com
Registered On:30th July 2002
Updated On:29th July 2022
Expires On:30th July 2023
Registrar:Dreamscape Networks International Pte Ltd

Why BigBazaar.com is down?

As you can see the last date for updates is 29th July 2022, the website is registered till 30th July 2023. Even though the domain is registered till 30th July & active, but not working.

The main reason for the website is that the Domain name is active but the website is not hosted. It’s the main reason why Bigbazaar.com not working.

Is the Big Bazaar website down?

Technically the website is done, but in another word, we can say that the website is shut down for the public. Only admins can see the website from the backend. Customers are not able to access the website from the Internet.

How to access the BigBazaar website?

Still, wants to access the website? is there any way so I can check the website of Big Bazaar now? To view the old version of the website you can head over to the way back machine tool.

This tool enables you to access the old version of the website. Follow the process to check the website.

  • Open the website to view the archive,
  • Now enter Bigbazaar.com on the search bar,
  • Select the date from the list to view the archive,
  • Now click on the date from the calendar,

Is the Bigbazaar website’s domain name expired?

Well, the Domain name (bigbazaar.com) is not expired yet, only the website is not accessible as they hare removed the content & the hosting as well.


Why is the Big Bazaar website closed?

The website is closed as the retail stores are closed permanently.

What is the new name of the Big Bazaar website?

The name is not been officially announced yet.

Is the Big Bazaar’s online shopping app active?

No, the online shopping app & shop.bigbazaar.com is not active.

Conclusion; Today we share complete information about the BigBazaar.com website status. As the site is closed, people were seeking the status of the website for the Big Bazaar Profit Club card refund as well.

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