Who are Big Bazaar Competitors?

Are you seeking details about the Big Bazaar Competitors? Today we share complete information about the competitors of Big Bazaar. Today you will be able to know whether it is offline or online, and who are the main competitors of Big Bazaar.

Who are Big Bazaar’s competitors?

Big Bazaar is part of Future Group’s multi-business format operated by the name of Future Retail Limited in India. They have a strong hold on the Retail business, Logistics & Consumer products manufacturing.

Big BazaarDetails
Company TypeRetailer
Founded in 2001
OwnerMr. Kishor Biyani
Parent CompanyFuture Group

If we talk about its main competitors, then you will know how many competitors it has. As you know, now their competitors have come online and offline everywhere. A few years ago, Big Bazaar used to have a monopoly in the retail market, but with time its competitors have become dominant.
All his competitors entered the business after him, but now their market share has increased.

Due to the financial crisis, Big Bazaar was not able to match the pace of its competitors. Gradually it lost the market share & the other Retailer gained the market share in the Indian retail market.

Offline Competitors of Big Bazaar

His biggest and main opponent offline is Dmrat. D’mart grocery stores are very popular, their goods are of very good quality. Here you get a very good discount on grocery items. Many people prefer to buy the same from here as compared to Big Bazaar.

Apart from the D mart grocery stores, there are various Supermarket chains that give tough competition to the Big Bazaar stores.

Reliance Retail has around 5000 grocery stores where it sells daily grocery items. Reliance Retail has the most numbers of grocery stores in India. They have various formats e.g. Reliance Smart, Smart Bazaar, Smart Point & Fresh Signature stores.

It has Reliance Fresh as a Grocery convenience store. Reliance Smart & Smart Superstore as Supermarket & Hypermarket format.

After that, the name Vishal Mega Mart comes up in the hypermarket. Vishal Mega mart also has stores in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Their customer base is also increasing slowly.

Below is the complete list of stores having similar business as Big Bazaar. They all are present offline & having hyper or supermarket business formats in the retail market.

Big Bazaar Competitors-OfflineDetails
Hyper MarketDmart
Hyper MarketReliance Smart
Hyper MarketVishal Mega Mart
Hyper MarketMore Hyper
Grocery RetailNature Basket
Grocery RetailReliance Smart Point
Supermarket Spar
Supermarket Reliance Smart
Supermarket Star Bazaar

Fashion Apparel Competitors of Big Bazaar (Fbb)

Apart from grocery, their main business is the fashion apparel business. It contributes approx 30% of business in the Big Bazaar stores after the grocery business which has over 50% mix. You know by the name of FBB Fashion at Big Bazaar or FBB. Fbb or Fashion at Big Bazaar is a section of Big Bazaar, which is part of the retail store, where you can find clothes and garments. Their fbb clothes are of very good quality.

Fbb – Fashion at Big Bazaar Competitors Details
Reliance TrendsZudio
PantaloonsMax Fashion
Shoppers StopLifestyle

Reliance Trends is their main competitor for fashion apparel products. Trends has a strong presence across India. They have various store formats for niche markets. They have various store formats; Reliance Trends, Trends Footwear, Trends Men, Trends Women, and Trends Kids format. they do business in the value fashion segment.

Pantaloons are the second competitor, earlier Pantaloones was part of Future Group. Now own by Aditya Birla group. A prominent name in the Value fashion segment & entry-level brands fashion.

Zudio is Owned by Tata Retail; Zudio is the new baby in the value fashion retail segment. With their presence across the tier 2-3 cities, they are growing high in the segment.

Max Fashion is the value fashion format from the house of lifestyle. They are especially known for Kid’s fashion products. It’s the main competitor of Big Bazaar in the Kid’s fashion segment.

Lifestyle is the prominent player in the departmental retail store format in India. It has a strong customer base who do shopping for National & International brands from the lifestyle stores.

Shoppers Stop owners by the Raheja group one of the oldest Departmental store formats in India is Big Bazaar’s competitor for Value fashion & mid-segment.

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Big Bazaar Competitors in Online

With the rise of technology & internet, the growth of e-commerce & online business has seen phenomenal growth. During the last few years, the rise of new e-commerce businesses has given tough competition to Big Bazaar.

Below is a list of competitors who are giving tough competition in the e-commerce business.

E-Commerce Competition of Big BazaarDetails
Dmart ReadyJiomart
Tata CromaBig Basket


Who are Big Bazaar’s main competitors?

Reliance Retail, Dmart & Vishal Mega mart are the main competitors, whereas Amazon, Flipkart, Jiomart, Big Basket & Blinkit give tough competition in the e-commerce market.

Who are FBB’s main Competitors?

Reliance Trends, Zudion, Max Fashion & Pantaloons are the main competitors in the Fashion apparel category for FBB (Fashion at Big Bazaar).

Conclusion: With the rise of the e-commerce boom in India, Big Bazaar has received competition from offline & online retailers in India. Be it Jiomart or Big Basket these reliance & tata-backed companies give tough competition to them in the retail market.

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