What are the companies under Future Group?

Future Group Brands List: A Shopper’s Delight; Future Group, a household name in the retail industry, has become synonymous with a one-stop shopping destination for millions. From groceries to clothing, electronics to household essentials, Big Bazaar offers a plethora of products. One aspect that sets Big Bazaar apart is its extensive list of brands, catering to diverse consumer needs.

Future Group Bands List

One of the prominent business groups mainly dealing with hypermarket & retail business in India. The hypermarket and supermarket business is led by Big Bazaar, Big Bazaar GEN NXT, HyperCity, Foodhall, Fbb, Food Bazaar, Easyday Club, and Heritage Fresh.

Business Diversification;

The company operates more than 1,500 stores in over 400 cities and towns across the country. They are in the Retail business & moreover, they have over 200 own brands. Let’s figure out in detail about their business formats.

  • Retail Business
  • Future Lifestyle Fashion
  • Future Consumers Brands
  • Financial Services
  • Other Services

Future Group Retail Business

Big Bazaar, along with its subsidiaries such as Big Bazaar GEN NXT, HyperCity, Foodhall, Fbb, Food Bazaar, Easyday Club, and Heritage Fresh, takes the forefront in the hypermarket and supermarket industry.

With a vast network, the company boasts over 1,500 stores dispersed across more than 400 cities and towns throughout the country.

List of Supermarket and hypermarkets in India

Future Group Retail Brands ListDetails
Big BazaarHypper Market
Big Bazaar Gent NextHyper Market
Food BazaarGrocery Supermarket
Easy DayGrocery Supermarket
FbbClothing Store
FoodhallFood superstore
Heritage FreshNeighbourhood store
HypercityHyper Market

1- Big Bazaar Hypermarket India

Future Group Bigbazaar store logo

Big Bazaar goes beyond the typical hypermarket experience; it addresses the diverse needs of your family. What sets Big Bazaar apart from other stores is its commitment to providing exceptional value for Indian customers.

At Big Bazaar, we assure you of top-notch products at unbeatable prices. With a continually expanding range of in-house brands, Big Bazaar has ventured into the realms of fashion and general merchandise, encompassing home furnishings, utensils, crockery, cutlery, sports goods, and much more, all at surprisingly affordable prices. And this is just the beginning.

2- Big Bazaar Gent Next

Future Group Bbnext gen store

GenNext Bigbazaar stores are the extended version of the Big Bazaar stores. They cater to the premium customer case with premium assortments of products.

3- Food Bazaar

Future Group Food Bazaar Store Logo

Food Bazaar extends an invitation for a distinctive shopping experience in a unique ambiance. Here, you’ll discover an unprecedented fusion of a traditional Indian bazaar and the ambiance of an international supermarket.

4- Easyday Club

Easyday club

Easyday, part of the Future Group since May 2015, is a neighborhood store designed as a “Pados ki Dukaan” offering a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. With store sizes ranging from 2,500 to 5,000 sq ft, Easyday provides a diverse range of products, including groceries and personal care items.

The store’s organized shelves, hygienic ambiance, transparent pricing, and efficient staff make everyday shopping both fun and cost-effective.

4- Fbb – Fashion at Big Bazaar


Since 2008, fbb, India’s fashion hub, has revolutionized affordable fashion. Offering everything from office wear to athleisure, fbb curates exclusive designs under its private labels.

With a mission to add extra style to India, fbb is a popular, youth-centric brand presenting refreshing fashion trends at budget-friendly prices. It has a robust presence in metros and mini-metros, and thriving in tier II cities.

5- Foodhall

Launched in May 2011, Foodhall, a premium lifestyle food superstore by Future Group, is a gastronomic haven for global cuisine lovers. Combining Indian and Western flavors, it offers a diverse range of products from Mexican Tomatillo to gluten-free breads, Greek yogurts, gourmet chocolates, and more.

With a presence in Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Gurgaon, Foodhall enchants food connoisseurs with custom-made hampers, thematic festivals, and an array of global delights, creating an enriching shopping experience.

6- Heritage Fresh

Heritage Fresh, part of the Future Group since November 2016, is a reimagined neighborhood food and grocery store providing a modern, personalized Indian shopping experience. With store sizes from 1800 sq. ft. to 2800 sq. ft., it offers fresh produce, staples, household items, and more.

7- Hypercity

Established in 2006, HyperCity Retail India Ltd. was originally under the ownership of K Raheja Corp, which also possesses Shoppers Stop. In 2017, the Future Group acquired HyperCity for ₹655 crore.

Future Lifestyle Fashion Brands

Yes, you heard it right; FLF, Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited is a comprehensive fashion company, spanning the entire fashion industry from design to distribution. Our business is strategically crafted to align with the growing consumer emphasis on fashion and brand preferences.

Their brand list is classified in retail business & clothing brands as given below;

FLF Retail Brands

During your shopping for lifestyle products, you must have visited the stores. Below are their retail stores that are part of Future Groups’ Lifestyle division.

1- Future Group’s Central

Central, India’s largest lifestyle retail brand from Future Group, presents a seamless shopping experience. Offering over 1000 top brands across various categories, from apparel and cosmetics to electronics and home goods, Central stores range from 60,000 to 2,30,000 square feet.

With locations in major cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru, as well as smaller cities like Indore and Surat, Central integrates food courts, restaurants, and supermarkets within its expansive retail spaces, totaling around 2.4 million square feet.

2- Future Group’s Brand Factory

Brand Factory, India’s largest chain of fashion discount stores, revolutionizes discount shopping with over 200 Indian and international brands consistently discounted at 20%-70%, every day of the year.

With a refreshing ambiance, we provide a wide range of categories—from men’s and women’s wear to accessories—at unbeatable prices. Currently, we operate 41 stores across 20 cities.

FLF Clothing Brands List

FLF has various popular clothing brands that they own. Apart from their own brands, they have some joint venture brands as well.

  • Indigo Nation
  • Scullers
  • John Millers
  • All
  • Rig
  • Cover story
  • DJ&C
  • Buffalo
  • Hey
  • Bare
  • Clarks
  • Holii
  • UMM
  • Urban Yoga
  • Jealous 21

Future Consumers Brands List

Future Consumer is an FMCG company focused on food, tailoring brands for India’s dynamic consumers. We tap into real-time data to understand evolving aspirations and needs, creating successful brands like Tasty Treat, Voom, Karmiq, Dreamery, and Mother Earth.

Our innovation spans food, home care, personal care, and beauty, catering to the restless, aspirational generation.

Food Brands List

These are the FMCG Food products available at Future Group stores & other leading supermarkets & online shopping platforms.

1- Tasty Treat

Tasty Treat represents a world where the joy of savoring delicious food outweighs the notion of eating ‘right.’ From biscuits to beverages, nankeens to frozen snacks, Tasty Treat spans various indulgent categories, promising high-quality deliciousness. Chak Chak Chabao!

2- Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest meets the daily kitchen essentials of Indian homes, offering top-notch flour, pulses, rice, dry fruits, cereals, and spices for all your family’s mealtime needs.

The brand embraces the essence of love, recognizing that food is the language of affection, and each dish, a cherished memory, embodies what we represent.

3- Karmiq

Karmiq stands as India’s sole national dry fruits brand, presenting a diverse selection of dry fruits, berries, flavored nuts, seeds, and health oils that harmonize nutrition, health, and delightful taste.

Sourcing ingredients from top-notch suppliers worldwide, including California, Iran, Europe, and Afghanistan, the brand ensures quality and excellence.

4- Ektaa

Ektaa invites you to delve into the diverse realm of poha, makhana, groundnuts, and jaggery—all within the confines of your kitchen.

Catering to a new generation of consumers who embrace food from all corners of India, Ektaa appreciates the inherent healthiness and nutritional value in everyday ingredients.

5- Desi Atta Company

Desi Atta Company boasts approximately 50 varieties of flour and flour-based ready mixes derived from grains, millets, and pulses spanning various regions of the country. As the pioneering food collective in India, it allows you to savor the authentic flavors of India.

The brand caters to the diverse palate of India, addressing the needs of every community, life stage, lifestyle, and health requirement.

7- Fresh & Pure

Whether it’s tea from the lush gardens of Assam or coffee from the plantations of Chikmagalur, along with essentials like sugar, honey, or ghee, Fresh & Pure consistently delivers nature in its purest form. The brand upholds a belief in the inherent purity of ingredients sourced directly from nature.

8- Sangi’s Kitchen

Sangi’s Kitchen offers a broad selection of sauces and spices, giving you an array of options to display your culinary skills in the kitchen. From whole and powdered spices to herbs, seasonings, cooking sauces, flavored mayonnaise, and street chutneys, our diverse range allows you to channel your inner master chef.

9- Nilgiris

Nilgiris, a beloved and trusted brand, is renowned for its dairy and bakery offerings, including set curd, flavored milk, chocolate-coated biscuits, bread, and cakes, along with specialties like murukkus, banana chips, filter coffee, and Mysore-pak.

Nilgiris takes pride in showcasing the powerful allure of South Indian foods and dairy products, representing the region’s rich culinary heritage throughout India.

10- Sunkist

Sunkist, cherished globally for its citrus-based beverages and food products, extends its presence to over 32 countries. FCL brings this delightful range from the sunny orange farms of California to consumers across India.

11- Veg Affaire

Veg Affaire introduces a selection of frozen vegetables, including peas, mixed vegetables, and sweet corn kernels, providing the freshness of farm-like produce. The brand aims to make vegetarianism appealing and enjoyable by minimizing the time spent on pre-cooking activities like cleaning, peeling, and cutting vegetables when preparing meals for your loved ones.

Home Care Brands List of Future Group

1- Voom

Voom matic detergents, available in liquid and powder formats, result from a groundbreaking collaboration between scientists and fashion experts. This unique partnership ensures a profound understanding of fabric nuances, aiming to keep your clothes fashionable for the long haul.

2- Cleanmate

CleanMate’s range of kitchen, bathroom, and floor cleaners caters to the house-proud generation, whose homes are crafted and kept to welcome external scrutiny. Recognizing the growing awareness of sanitary hygiene, CleanMate has introduced India’s inaugural branded Indian-style toilet cleaner.

3- Caremate

CareMate provides facial tissues, toilet tissues, aluminum foils, cling films, handwashes, and party disposables with a focus on quality, functionality, and packaging.

The brand believes everyday products should bring a sense of refinement and specialness to homes.

4- Pratha

Pratha is the preferred brand for those engaging in worship, meditation, and relaxation, offering a range from incense sticks to lamp oils, and ghee vats to camphor, kumkum, haldi, and sambrani cups. Rooted in tradition, it extends beyond religious practices, providing lifestyle products that fulfill both spiritual and religious needs.

5- Prim

Prim products cater to the modern young consumer seeking clever, efficient solutions for managing a well-kept home. The brand presents a variety of wipes, cleaning sponges, fabric care items, odor/moisture removers, and food storage solutions.

6- Mysst

Mysst offers a range of lifestyle fragrances and air-care products, including air sprays, gel fresheners, car fresheners, and fragrance pockets. Mysst aims to elevate the air freshening category beyond merely eliminating odors, focusing on enhancing mood.

Personal Care & Beauty Brands

1- Kara

Kara represents portable beauty with a unique range including refreshing wipes, skincare wipes, acetone-free nail polish remover wipes, makeup remover wipes, baby wipes, and Korean face masks. Ideal for anyone, Kara wipes cleanses, and nourishes the skin, removing dirt, grime, and sweat throughout the day.

2- Thinkskin

ThinkSkin, a modern body and skincare brand, emphasizes sensorial vitality. Focused on nurturing and revitalizing the skin that covers our bodies, ThinkSkin readies us to feel and perform more in our daily lives.

3- TS

TS lets you embrace Your True Self with a range including kajals, nail enamels, and accessories for bath, hair, and makeup. It empowers women to express their distinct identities confidently and uniquely. TS is a beauty brand that reflects your self-assuredness to the world.

Joint Ventures Brands of Future Group India

As a consumer-centric company, we strive to meet demand in various segments. Utilizing consumer data, we adapt to evolving trends and aspirations. While creating brands for numerous categories, dairy, organic, and specialty foods demand deep expertise.

Partnering with global leaders like Hain Celestial and Fonterra for ‘good for you’ snacks and dairy innovation, we introduce value-added products. In a unique collaboration with Mibelle AG, a Swiss personal care leader, we aim to bring high-quality, innovative personal care brands to the growing Indian market.

These strategic partnerships showcase our commitment to diverse segments and cutting-edge product concepts.

1Swiss Tempelle arises from the collaboration of Switzerland’s Mibelle Group and India’s Future Consumer Limited, uniting seamlessly in shared synergies. Mibelle, an extension of the Migros Group, excels in the European proprietary brand market, celebrated for perfection, research, safety, quality, and eco-awareness.
2Since 1886, Fonterra has established a legacy of trust as one of the world’s largest dairy producers, prioritizing quality and innovation. This expertise is reflected in Dreamery, crafted with the goodness of fresh local milk.
3At Sensible Portions India, we prioritize both taste and health. Our veggie straws are delicious, wholesome, and guilt-free—no preservatives or fillers. Enjoy snacking with delight!
2Open our shiny black bag, and you’ll discover a feast for your eyes and a taste delight. TERRA® Chips offer a sophisticated snacking experience—crunchy, colorful, and irresistibly tasty.

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