How to Get Big Bazaar Franchise in India

Big Bazaar is calling all the entrepreneurs & business enthusiastic people for Franchise businesses. Big Bazaar Franchise business may be your next goldmine. If you are willing to learn the Retail Business & love customer service, it’s for you.

Today we share the comprehensive details about the franchise business model of Big Bazaar (Future Group). For those dreaming of entrepreneurship, having a Big Bazaar franchise is a fantastic chance to enter the retail arena with a trusted and established brand.

Big Bazaar Franchise Business Overview

To embark on this entrepreneurial journey, it’s crucial to understand the prerequisites. Big Bazaar maintains certain eligibility criteria, and potential franchisees need to meet specific requirements.

Big Bazaar Brand List

The investment details and expected returns are also pivotal aspects that warrant careful consideration.

Brand Name Big Bazaar
Business TypeRetail/Trading
Head OfficeMumbai
Franchise Tenure5 years

Advantages of Owning a Big Bazaar Franchise

One of the most significant advantages is associating with an established brand and leveraging its market presence. Big Bazaar provides comprehensive support and training, ensuring that franchisees are well-equipped to navigate the retail landscape successfully.

Business Format Of Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar has various business formats as per the location & area. You should understand the format of the retail store as per your availability of area & finance.

Big Bazaar – Large StoreAbove 45K Sqft Area
Mid-Size Store25K to 40K Sqft area
Smal Size StoreUpto 12K Sqft area

Know The Franchise Cost & Fee Details

The Big Bazaar franchise operates as a supermarket with unit/shop areas ranging from 2000 to 5000 square feet.

The revenue-sharing arrangement for franchisees is approximately 92%, with a total investment ranging from Rs. 23 lakhs to Rs. 53 lakhs.

The return on investment (ROI) timeframe is estimated to be between 1.5 to 2.5 years.

Franchise FeeApprox. Rs.3 Lakhs
Infrastructure InvestmentRs.20 Lakhs – Rs. 50 Lakhs

Franchise Registration Process

The complete registration process from start to end has more than 10 steps. Below is a table of the activity for your reference.

Each step is crucial when applying for a Big Bazaar Franchise in India.

1Research and Preparation
2Contact Big Bazaar Franchise Department
3Expression of Interest (EOI)
4Application Form Submission
6Application Review
7Meetings and Discussions
8Background Check and Approval
9Franchise Agreement
10Signing and Training
11Setting Up Your Franchise

So, now that you have read all the above details carefully, you can start with the step with the required documents.

Important Documents Required for Franching Partner

To become a franchise partner, you require documents. All documents are mandatory, so before applying you must ensure you have all these documents available.

  • Adhaar Card,
  • Pan Card,
  • Passport Size Photograph,
  • Business Certificate,
  • GST Certificate,
  • Tax Statements,
  • Financial Statements,
  • Bank Details,

Big Bazaar Franchise Contact Details 2024

How do contacts become franchise business partners? Well, there are various ways to contact them. The official website has a dedicated business partner page, where you can easily apply for the franchise.

Moreover, below are the complete details about the Big Bazaar Franchise Contact Details.

Contact Details
Contact Number1800 266 2255


What is Big Bazaar Franchise Cost in India?

The total cost is approx Rs.20 lac.

How Many Big Bazaar stores are in India?

There are more than 300 supermarket stores in India

Final Words

Big Bazaar franchise stands out as an alluring prospect for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking success in the retail industry. Boasting a well-established brand, attractive commission structures, and a reasonable investment spectrum, it offers a gateway to financial prosperity.

With a demonstrated history of success, inclusive support mechanisms, and a swift Return on Investment (ROI), the Big Bazaar franchise provides a distinctive opportunity to own and manage a thriving retail venture in India. For those prepared to embark on the retail journey, aligning with the Big Bazaar franchise offers a distinctive and gratifying route to entrepreneurial accomplishment.

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