What is Big Bazaar Sabke Liye?

We at Big Bazaar have a vision that, shopping should be accessible to everyone. For every person be it a pregnant woman, a senior citizen, or a person with a disability shopping should be easily accessible.

They should bargain, talk, experience, discover, bargain & navigate like any other shopper as well. In all our stores we tend to enhance the shopping experience for everyone (Sabke liye).

Service We offer at our Big Bazaar Stores

  • Special Assistance,
  • Braille Shopping Guide,
  • Wheelchair on Request,
  • Shopping Assitance,
  • Sensitised Store,
  • Reserved Parking,
  • Accessible Trial Room,
  • Accessible Wash Room,
  • Diaper Changing Station,
  • Sit Down Billing,
  • Priority Counter,
  • Whatsapp Bill,
  • Free Home Delivery,

Special Assitance

Special Assitance

Making Shopping accessible to everyone. So Special Assistance enriches you and enhances your Shopping Experience.

  • Shopping Assistance
  • Wheelchair Facility
  • Support in reaching the store

Braille Shopping Guide

Our stores are equipped with a Braille shopping guide, that helps the shopper easily navigate to the store directory.


Required wheelchair assistance, yes we are ready to serve you.

Shopping Assitance

Our shopping assistants are ready to serve you with your shopping. Just ask the customer service desk or the staff at the entrance for more details.

Sensitised Store

Our stores are fully sensitised to enhancing your shopping experience with; Wider aisles, ramps, and obstacle-free navigation.

Reserved Parking

Reserved two-wheeler & four-wheeler parking for PWD customers.

Accessible Trial Room

Accessible Trial Room

Our trial rooms are fully equipped for easily accessible for PWD customers. All our trial rooms are wider.

Accessible Wash Room

Shop freely as all our washrooms are accessible to you.

Diaper Changing Station

Diaper Changing Station

We welcome all mother shoppers at our store, now they can shop freely with their baby.

Sit Down Billing

Just relax easily. Just shop for your favorite products at our store & enjoy the new experience of sit-down billing at our Big Bazaar stores.

Priority Counter

Priority Counter

For your smooth checkout counter, we have set up priority counters for you.

Whatsapp Bill

Receive your bill directly through WhatsApp.

Free Home Delivery Free Home Delivery

Simply shop & forget, and receive free home delivery from our store. Shop online from the big bazaar online store at our store & get free home delivery to your doorstep.